8th grade Scheduling


The class of 2018 was the first class to graduate under the new HB5 rules, and this class will follow suit.  HB5 changed the game when it comes to graduation plans to allow for a more individual path through high school to create students who are college & career ready.  Please visit our HB5 Graduation Plan section of the website for more information.

Want to know what our high school is like???  Watch a presentation given by Mr. Barnett that gives a great overview of CSA High School.
Please note current video was recorded with a previous version of website.  New video to be updated soon.

The First Step to scheduling for 2017-18 is to watch this informational video:
8th grade scheduling 2017-18 Informational Video Part One
8th grade scheduling 2017-18 Informational Video Part Two

Individual 8th grade student & parent meetings will take place during Spring 2017 (April 18-21 & 25-28).  Please take The Second step and e-mail Mr. Barnett directly with your desired timeslot.  Please refer to the initial e-mail distributed for availability.

The Third step is to read the following document to help prepare for completing the online Google Form: 8th Grade Individual Meeting Prep 2017

The Fourth step is to complete the online Google Form to help Mr. Barnett prepare for the individual meeting.  Students will need to sign-in to his/her school e-mail platform to access the form.  The form is to be completed by APRIL 14, 2017.

A list of courses offered at CSA next year can be found here: Courses Offered at CSA 2017-18

Description of Electives offered at CSA next year can be found here: Elective Descriptions 2017-18

A list of available methods to take courses outside of CSA can be found here: Courses Other Than CSA Overview

8th graders can take the ONET Interest Profiler to find out where his/her interests are to help determine his/her personal graduation plan.

Students and Parents can also use the CSA PGP PoS Explanation to better understand each section of the Personal Graduation Plan and Program of Study.

Achieve Texas is a great website where students can explore all 16 career clusters, along with associated programs of study.  Here is a short description of the various programs of study: Brief Descriptions of Programs of Study.  For just a list: Programs of Study Master List.

The state also provides plenty of information about HB5, explaining the details of graduation including endorsements, distinguished & performance acknowledgements.