Application Process

The Application Process

Admission to Chaparral Star Academy begins with the receipt of the Chaparral Star Academy Admissions Application.  Siblings of current students will use this same form.  If you are applying for this year (2016-17), please realize that these applications began being accepted in February 2016 – during the Open Enrollment period, but can be accepted any time thereafter.  The official start of the Open Enrollment Period will be posted in the local newspaper and on the school’s website for next year.

If you are interested in your child attending Chaparral Star Academy, there are a few simple steps to take to ensure a smooth transition.

STEP 1: Submit an Admissions Application to the school for each child that you would like to attend Chaparral Star Academy.  This form may only be submitted online.

STEP 2: Wait to hear from us.  The rest of the process depends on the space availability in your students grade.  You may receive a courtesy call informing you of the status of your application (e.g. spot awarded or waiting list).  However, feel free to call  the school to inquire about the status.

And yes, THAT’S IT!  You do NOT need to fill out the Enrollment Form at this point.  All we need is the Admissions Application to start the application process.  Once you have been awarded a spot, you will receive an e-mail from administration with further information about registration. The e-mail will contain further instructions on how to complete the registration process for your child.  If the requested paperwork is not submitted within that time frame and the registration process is not completed, the spot will be granted to the next applicant on the waiting list.  The original applicant will be dropped without contact from the front office.   

A list of state-mandated minimum requirements for immunizations is available here: Immunization Requirements for Admission to Public School.  For more information (including exclusions), follow the link to the Texas Department of State Health Services website.  For more information about Flu vaccinations, please visit the TexasFlu website.  If an affidavit will be used, CSA understands the request for paperwork may take longer than the 5-day requirement (Enrollment Form must be received to secure spot within the 5-day window).


More About The Application Process

A re-enrollment period (typically lasting one week where current students declare intentions of attendance for the subsequent year) will take place the week prior to the beginning of open enrollment.  Current students who wish to continue attending for the subsequent year will submit a completed re-enrollment form before a given deadline.  Applications for siblings of current students for the subsequent year will be accepted during the open enrollment period.  Available spots for the subsequent year are filled with continuing students first, while sibling applications are processed second.  If a waiting list arises, sibling applications are placed in order of open enrollment lottery.

On the lottery date, applications are randomly selected one-at-a-time and granted a spot in the requested grade, if one exists.  If the application drawn (and a spot awarded) corresponds with a sibling application, the sibling application is pulled out of the pile and granted a spot in the requested grade, if one exists.  Once a grade level becomes full (30 for each K-8th grade (15 per sessions), 150 total for high school (with a possibility of 30 at each)), applications are then placed on the waiting list in order of random selection.

After the open enrollment period, any applications received will be awarded a spot at the requested grade level, if one exists.  Otherwise, the application is placed at the end of the waiting list.  All applications for siblings of current students automatically get priority and are moved to the top of the waiting list.  Sibling applications on the waiting list are placed in order of receipt.  After the open enrollment lottery takes place, a courtesy call will be made to applicants (including those on the waiting list) to inform of its results.  If your child was granted a spot for the subsequent school year, a completed Enrollment Form must be received by the front office within 5 business days of notification.  If the requested paperwork is not submitted within that time frame, the spot will be granted to the next applicant on the waiting list without contact from the front office.

If you are trying to transfer your student during the school year, please submit an Admissions Application as well.  If a slot is available, the application will be processed.  If no slot is available, then the application will be placed on the waiting list for the current school year.  However, the application will not fold into the Open Enrollment Process for the subsequent school year. Applications for the next school year can only be accepted during the Open Enrollment Period.

For new students, once the position has been offered to a student, he/she is required to continue the application process by filling out the Enrollment Form.

Both new AND continuing students will need to pick up beginning-of-the-year documents in July and/or August at the designated Annual “Round-Up”.  Brief presence at school during this “Round-Up[1]” period (to verify enrollment and receive important documents) is mandatory.  Those in attendance at the annual “Round-Up” are ASSURED a spot for the upcoming school year. If a student (new or continuing) must be absent for the “Round-Up”, then a document explaining the reason for the absence should be submitted to the administration prior.  Following the “Round-Up”, at grade levels where all spots are not filled and absences at orientation occurred, those on the waiting list will be contacted for possible placement.[2]

All students must attend the first day of school.  Any student not in attendance on the first day of school will be automatically and immediately dropped from enrollment.

Students from unaccredited private schools or home school settings are scheduled for evaluation of academic skills for the purpose of best placement for success.

Current school discipline history will be verified prior to acceptance. Chaparral Star Academy will not accept a student if he/she has a history of discipline resulting in suspension, expulsion, or juvenile court adjudication.