Recovery for Low Attendance


A student who is in attendance for at least 75% but less than 90% of instructional days according to the 90% Rule Attendance Breakdown may earn credit for the high school course or earn promotion to the subsequent grade for grade K-8 by completing a plan approved by the principal.  Administration will automatically develop a Principal’s Plan for all students who fall in this range of absences.  The Principal’s Plan will provide for the student to meet the instructional requirements of the class.  The Principal’s Plan will include a student’s attendance at SCRAP (Saturday Credit Recovery Attendance Program) and successful completion of assignments.  A student will earn the equivalent of 1 instructional day (to count toward attendance for credit) for each day of SCRAP.  In most cases, To earn credit for a course or earn promotion to the subsequent grade, the student must attend SCRAP for the number of days absent above the 10% mark.  To be scheduled as needed, SCRAP will last 4 hours and will be held on Saturdays on campus.  To meet the instructional requirements of each class, each student will work on grade appropriate materials during SCRAP.

Additionally, the Principal’s Plan may include the following:

  • An End Date by which the plan must be completed
  • Additional assignments to be completed outside of school and/or SCRAP
  • No additional absences for rest of semester or year
  • Assignment of tutoring sessions
  • Assignment of other academic activities


NOTE:  SCRAP can be divided into 40-minute portions to reflect absences for course-specific absences for courses that count toward high school credit.  For example, if a student is marked absent for 13 class periods in a specific course, which counts toward high school graduation, and 9 are allowed that semester to comply with the minimum attendance policy above, he/she would only need to attend SCRAP for 160 minutes (4 periods over the maximum of 9).

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CSA Attendance Recovery Process Flowchart

A student who is in attendance for less than 75% of instructional days according to the 90% Rule Attendance Breakdown or did not successfully complete the Principal’s Plan can request an award of credit or grade promotion by submitting a written appeal within 10 business days of receipt of notice of attendance below 75%.  The appeal must be addressed to the administration, requesting a meeting of the Attendance Review Committee (ARC) to evaluate the case.  The Implementation Team will act as the ARC.  The ARC shall review the student’s entire attendance record and the reasons for absences and shall determine whether to overturn or uphold the denial of course credit or grade retention.  The parent and/or student shall be given an opportunity to present any information to the committee about the absences in written format without attendance at ARC meeting.

When evaluating reasons for absence, the ARC will determine how many absences were resultant from the following extenuating circumstances:

  • Extended physical or emotional illness as verified by a medical professional
  • Extended hospital stay as verified by a medical professional
  • Extended recuperation following an accident as verified by a medical professional
  • Extended contagious disease within a family as verified by a medical professional
  • Death of a family member
  • Victim of a natural disaster or catastrophe
  • Absences approved by administration

If the reasons for the absences do not fall under the extenuating circumstances, the ARC will use the following guiding questions to determine its decision:

  • How many SCRAP Days did the student attend as compared to those offered?
  • If the student did not attend all SCRAP Days, was the reason for non-attendance in line with the school’s motto?
  • Did the student complete the Principal’s Plan when his/her absences were between 75% and 90%?
  • Were there continued absences after the Principal’s Plan was enacted?
  • Were any of the absences within the control of the parent or student?
  • Did the student master the TEKS for the course?
  • Is the decision in the best interest of the student?



Students who have knowledge of upcoming personal absence spanning multiple days, due to extracurricular activities or extenuating circumstances, may schedule a meeting, in advance, with the principal. In the meeting, the principal and student may create a Principal’s Plan to ensure that the student will master the curriculum covered during his/her absence and strive to make up instructional hours in order to complying with minimum attendance standards set forth by the State of Texas.  Additional absences not part of the plan that increase a student’s overall attendance below 90% will fall under the minimum attendance procedures and may go before an Attendance Review Committee to determine if credit will be awarded for the high school credit courses in question, or if the student will be retained (in non-high school credit courses grades K-8).



If the student is not satisfied by the decision of the ARC, the student may arrange to be heard formally by the Governing Board of Chaparral Star Academy, no less than 72 hours prior to the next scheduled monthly meeting of the Board, by contacting administration and asking to be placed on the agenda as an action item. The Governing Board’s decision regarding the case is final.