Programs of Study

Programs of Study (PoS) are specific pathways students can choose to follow to help him/her become college ready. The Programs of study fall under 16 career clusters:

A PoS reflects current occupations and represents most career pathways.  These documents are designed for students but can also be used with administrators, counselors, teachers, business and industry representatives, and parents.  PoS contain lots of helpful information, including the core courses and career-related electives in high school that will help prepare students for their career goals.

Texas Genuine has produced an online career guidance tool that allows you to respond to questions and identify your top three Career Clusters™ of interest based on your responses.  Consider taking this assessment if you’re not sure what career clusters your interests fall into before choosing a program of study.

Though all core courses are incorporated as part of the planning process, Programs of Study at CSA primarily focus on a student’s elective choices.  One of the primary goals of the PoS is to align CTE (Career and Technical Education courses) with a student’s career & post-secondary goals.  For graduation plans at CSA, CTE courses are primarily elective courses.

Programs of study can be the centerpiece of the guidance program and help students plan an individualized coherent educational path.  Programs of study can be the basis for a student’s Personal Graduation Plans (PGP).  A PGP includes a student’s chosen endorsement(s).  Under each career cluster, there are various PoS, totaling 87 different PoS as outlined in the Programs of Study Master List. Under each PoS, there are various “models” based on over 1800 different career goals / “careers”.  ONET OnLine aligns each of these careers to one of the PoS and career cluster.  Moreover, ONET OnLine offers an online interest profiler to help students determine which career path he/she may want to pursue.

Currently, Chaparral Star Academy offers 4 of the 87 Programs of Study under 3 different career clusters:


Under the Human Services Career Cluster, CSA offers the Counseling & Mental Health Services PoS.

Under the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Career Cluster, CSA offers the Visual Arts PoS.

Under the Information Technology Career Cluster, CSA offers the Program and Software Development PoS.

Under ALL of the Career Clusters, CSA offers the Multidisciplinary PoS.  This PoS is very similar to the “4×4” plan, which is not career-specific, but  is COLLEGE PREPARATORY.   The focus of Chaparral Star Academy is geared toward preparing a student for the rigor of a 4-year university. Courses offered reflect the most current expectations for college entrance and preparedness. Whereas our options for numerous career-specific elective courses is limited, students have the opportunity to create an academic foundation for postsecondary success.