Testing Day Procedures

The 2016 – 2017 TEST SCHEDULE


The 2016-17 testing schedule document (“STAAR, EOC and AP Calendar Table 2016-17“) can be found on the school’s website under the Counselor’s Corner tab under the Testing Day Procedures subheading (http://chaparralstaracademy.com/testing-day-procedures/).  Please note that CSA will not be administering the English III EOC & Algebra II EOC.


To maintain testing security, on certain testing days (March 28, May 8 & 9) morning students and afternoon students cannot interact even if your child is not testing on those days.  Further instructions and logistics will be distributed as the dates approach.


To maintain testing security, cell phones will be collected from students during testing and will not be returned until the end of the school day.  The school requests that cell phones for students who are testing be kept at home on the respective days; however, we understand the desire for parents to have communication.  But, please be aware that students will not have access to his/her cell phones (if he/she is testing) during the school day.  If a student uses a cell phone during testing (or leaves it on during testing), he/she will receive an automatic double detention (80 minutes) and could have bigger consequences.


On testing days, Chromebooks should be LEFT AT HOME ONLY for those students who are testing.  For students who are not testing, respective tablets should still be brought to school as per normal procedure (e.g. charged and ready to use).


Given that students have a 5-hour time frame on the English I & English II EOC (as opposed to 4-hours for other tests), arrangements needs to be made to accommodate this time limit.

As a result, on March 28, 2017, afternoon students taking the English I EOC will need to attend school at 7:45 am to allow for a 5-hour window.  On March 30, 2017, afternoon students taking the English II EOC will need to attend school at 7:45 am to allow for a 5-hour window.

Respective students who have completed his/her exam by 11:50am will be released according to AM session procedures.  Parents should make arrangements for any students who may test beyond 11:50am to allow for the state-mandated 5-hour time limit.


On numerous days, various STAAR tests will be administered along with Advanced Placement exams.  To minimize possible testing irregularities, the school will be closed for visitors (e.g. guest lecturers & parent visitors) even for parents of students who are not testing (e.g. lower elementary).  The “no visitors” days are: March 28 & 29, May 2,3 & 4, May 8,9,10 & 11.


CSA asks for parental support to not check your students out early after he/she has completed the exam.  Besides minimizing front office interruptions (which could hinder test security), a student may maintain better focus and not rush through the assessment if he/she is not trying to complete the exam quickly to get home early.  CSA staff has been trained to not allow students to report to the office to “call home” unless the student has a valid excuse (e.g. medical issues).  Please remember that student cell phones are collected for the entirety of his/her respective session.