Texas Success Initiative Assessment

To help prepare students for post-secondary success, CSA locally administers the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) to all juniors.  Typically taken as part of admissions at Austin Community College (and other Texas community colleges), administration of the TSIA helps students determine post-secondary readiness levels in reading & math.

The TSIA is a computer adaptive assessment, and the specific questions that appear on any given test administration varies based on each individual student’s performance on each item. Questions increase or decrease in difficulty level depending on how a student responds.

The assessments are untimed; however, it is important for students to allow enough time to complete each test because the results are a key factor in determining the course or courses in which they can enroll at a community college. As students complete the assessment, a score report will be generated immediately.

Students can be exempted from taking the test by earning qualifying scores on the SAT or ACT, according to the following criteria:

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Qualifying scores to determine post-secondary readiness (e.g. “passing marks”) on the TSIA are as follows:

TSIA Scores

The TSIA will also be used to determine eligibility for HB5 College Preparatory courses in English Language Arts and Math as follows: CSA HB5 ELA College Prep Course Offering Determination Chart and CSA HB5 Math College Prep Course Offering Determination Chart.

Non-juniors (e.g. sophomores) enrolled in Algebra II or English III will not be administered the TSIA.

College For All Texans maintains a great overview of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment.