Chaparral Star Academy

Chaparral Star Academy (formerly Star Charter School) is an open-enrollment public charter school in Austin, TX servicing grades K – 12 that offers rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum in a compacted 4-hour daily schedule.  Students either attend the morning session (7:45 – 11:50) or the afternoon session (12:05 – 4:10), allowing more flexibility for extracurricular activities such as gymnastics, horseback riding, acting, hockey, figure skating or any passion the child may have.

Class sizes are limited to 15 students per class, allowing for a more productive environment.  Curriculum is accelerated and compacted across all grades, giving students who are innately interested in pursuing the highest goals a perfect fit.  The schedule is ideal for highly-motivated students involved in major programs outside of the classroom and families in need of a more flexible daily schedule.

Applications for 2014-15 are STILL BEING ACCEPTED, but placement will be behind all applications from the 2014-15 open enrollment lottery in order of receipt.

Applications for 2015-16 (next year) can only be accepted during the annual open enrollment period, which will take place March 30, 2015 – April 9, 2015 with the lottery taking place on April 10, 2015.  Siblings of current students who wish to apply for next school year (2015-16) will submit their applications during the open enrollment period.

Re-Enrollment for all current students will take place March 23 – 27, 2015.  Priority for switching sessions depends on the time/date stamp upon receipt of the Re-Enrollment Form.


Mike Thomas, President & Member-At-Large
Ryan Palm
, Vice President & Member-At-Large
Kelly Drake
, Secretary & Business Officer
Michael Wallace
, Member-At-Large
Carolyn Isbell, Member-At-Large

Information from administration (e.g. school closures, upcoming activities, important deadlines) is mainly distributed to the community via our g-mail listserv and this website.  If you do not receive e-mail via our g-mail listserv (if you don’t get Mrs. Hagin’s “Friday Notes” every week, then you may not be), please e-mail Kris Barnett and request to be added to the list!

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