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Chaparral Star Academy
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14046 Summit Dr
Austin, TX 78728

CSA Meet the Staff Schedule:  August 22, 2016

Grades K-3AM                    9:30-10:00am          Multi-Purpose Room;                    10:00-11:00am           Classrooms

Grade K-3PM                     12:00-12:30pm          Multi-Purpose Room;                    12:30-1:30pm             Classrooms

Grades 4-12AM/PM          2:00-2:30pm             Multi-Purpose Room;                    2:30-4:00pm              Classrooms

**Grade 6 Focus                   3:45-4:00pm          West Wing 1

**Speech Class Focus          3:30-4:00pm            Room 128

Doors Close at 4:00PM

Chaparral Star Academy (formerly Star Charter School) is an open-enrollment public charter school in Austin, TX servicing grades K – 12 that offers rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum in a compacted 4-hour daily schedule.  Students either attend the morning session (7:45 – 11:50) or the afternoon session (12:05 – 4:10), allowing more flexibility for extracurricular activities such as gymnastics, horseback riding, acting, hockey, figure skating or any passion the child may have.

Class sizes are limited to 15 students per class, allowing for a more productive environment.  Curriculum is accelerated and compacted across all grades, giving students who are innately interested in pursuing the highest goals a perfect fit.  The schedule is ideal for highly-motivated students involved in major programs outside of the classroom and families in need of a more flexible daily schedule.

Applications for 2016-17 are STILL BEING ACCEPTED; however, priority was given to those applications submitted during the open enrollment period (lottery was on April 10, 2015).


Mike Thomas, President & Member-At-Large
Ryan Palm
, Vice President & Member-At-Large
Kelly Drake
, Secretary & Business Officer
Michael Wallace
, Member-At-Large

Information from administration (e.g. school closures, upcoming activities, important deadlines) is mainly distributed to the community via our g-mail listserv and this website.  If you do not receive e-mail via our g-mail listserv (if you don’t get Mrs. Hagin’s “Friday Notes” every week, then you may not be), please e-mail Kris Barnett and request to be added to the list!

Chaparral Star Academy
14046 Summit Dr
Austin, TX 78728



“It is so refreshing to be back in an environment where you are not just a part of a huge pack. My kids go to school not anxious about how the day will go and what perceived “threats” they may encounter socially. When kids are at such a vulnerable age such as middle school, Chaparral has provide us a nurturing environment with a wonderful education that is so needed in Austin! It’s hard to believe this is free as we’ve been to expensive private schools also! I will quote my daughter in saying after her first week at Chaparral, “I learned more at Chaparral my first week than I did all year at my prior huge public middle school”.              -Trisha Bonilla, parent

“Six years ago my daughter transferred  to CSA to accommodate her demanding competitive figure skating schedule.  After she was forced to give that up due to injury last year though, we never thought for one second   about removing her from CSA.  The quality education she is receiving there, as well as the personal attention from outstanding teachers will keep her at CSA no matter what she is doing outside of school. I will point out also, that we are districted to go to the, “highest rated schools in the state”.  My son attends those schools, and I have been far more impressed by CSA.  I also wanted to say how much I appreciate the support of the faculty and the Board for the speech team.  I can’t tell you how excited and how much work Elise has put into this, and I see it paying off in so many aspects of her life already- Confidence, speaking to adults, discipline, etc…  Mr. Rivera is outstanding and has a great group working with him.  The larger schools CSA are competing against, have no idea what talent they are facing!  Finally, I wanted to say I am so thankful that CSA is not your average, “cookie-cutter” school.  My daughter has many friends with so many different backgrounds.  They come from many different places whether it is geographic, socioeconomic, health issues, race, creed, etc…  I love that her friends are all individually unique and that CSA accepts and fosters that about them!”                                                  – Sharon Little, parent

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