Developed by the College Board, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for over 40 years, accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities and administered in over 1,800 test centers.  CLEP exams test mastery of college-level material acquired in a variety of ways — through general academic instructions, significant independent study or extracurricular work.

Whereas CLEP exams are typically for college-level students (i.e. they can be thought of as the college version of credit-by-exam), it is possible for high school students to use them as credit-by-exams.  Though considered to be more challenging than the traditional CBE’s, a student could take a CLEP exam and earn both college and high school credit.

Students may earn credit by exam for subjects in which they have had no prior instruction if the student:

  • Scores a three or higher on a College Board advanced placement examination that has been approved by the school district board of trustees for the applicable course,
  • Earns a scaled score of 60 or higher on an examination administered through the College-Level Examination Program and approved by the school district board of trustees for the applicable course.

If the student earns credit by exam for a course (via AP or CLEP), the school will record the student’s CBE score as a “pass” mark on the transcript.

Course conversions for credit-by-exams via CLEP are as follows:

American Government U.S. Government 0.5
History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present U.S. History 1.0
Introductory Psychology Psychology 0.5
Introductory Sociology Sociology 0.5
Principles of Microeconomics Economics 0.5
Principles of Macroeconomics Economics 0.5
American Literature AND College Composition English III 1.0
English Literature AND College Composition English IV 1.0
Humanities Humanities 1.0
Biology Biology 1.0
Chemistry Chemistry 1.0
PreCalculus PreCalculus 1.0
French Language Level I French I 1.0
French Language Level II French II 1.0
Spanish Language Level I Spanish I 1.0
Spanish Language Level II Spanish II 1.0
German Language Level I German I 1.0
German Language Level II German II 1.0