College Choice

It’s always hard to try and narrow the college search, but CollegeBoard has a great tool and questionnaire to help!  Visit College Board and go through the questions to get a “college snapshot” that can help you determine a starting point.  From there, you can begin exploring colleges based on your responses.

WATCH THIS VIDEO ON HOW TO START THINKING ABOUT CHOOSING A COLLEGE: is another great place to start, especially if you want to stay within Texas.  A section of their website also gives you some great questions to ponder as you try to determine which college may be a good fit for you.  It is always suggested to remember that college choice has numerous factors besides affordability!

School Culture
School State Location (in-state? out-of-state?)
School City Location (big city? small city?)
Programs Offered (major, academic programs)
School Size (big? small?)
Athletic Opportunities (Football? Intramural?)
Social Opportunities (Extracurricular activities?)

Another section of collegeforalltexas provides you with some helpful information about going to college.

An article at SuperCollege also gives a good overview of things to think about as you perform a college search. (a scholarship search service) also gives some great advice about some mistakes to avoid when choosing a college.

For a more detailed look into various universities, the NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) produces an annual report that provides very detailed analysis of various universities.  Feel free to look at the “pocket guide” and also explore the FAQ’s and most recent report.

Peterson’s also has a great search that some of my students have used and liked.

US News & World Report releases college rankings every year that really compares universities to each other.

Are online schools an interest of yours?  Accredited Schools Online maintains a great guide & database to help students explore possibilities.  Affordable colleges online offers a great guide to LGTBQ friendly colleges & student resources.

Are trade & vocational schools more on par with your plans?  Accredited Schools Online maintains a great guide & database to help students explore possibilities.