Correspondence Course

A possible method of earning credit toward high school graduation is for a student to enroll in a distance learning course (correspondence course) from Texas Tech University ISD or The University of Texas at Austin. This differs from a credit-by-exam (CBE) in that students will complete homework assignments over a period of time, with the option of contacting a particular professor for additional help.  In most cases, students are given a length of time (e.g. 6 months) to complete the course at his/her own pace.

Expenses and the arrangements for the process for any correspondence course are the responsibility of the student/parent.  Credit is granted by Chaparral Star Academy upon receipt of official final grade.

Typically, an end-of-semester exam will need to be administered at school.  Once the exam has been ordered, students should contact Mr. B to schedule an available 3-hour block for administration.  A student must pass the final exam in order to receive credit in the course.

Please note that if a student takes a correspondence course for Algebra I, English I, Biology, English II or US History, he/she is still required to pass the respective state assessment End-Of-Course exam as a graduation requirement.