Credit-By-Exam (CBE)

A possible method of earning credit toward high school graduation is for a student to take a comprehensive exam that covers the information for a particular course.

If a student scores 80% or above (for acceleration) or 70% or above (for recovery) on the credit-by-exam (CBE), credit toward high school graduation is awarded.  Typically, there is one exam per semester (A for first semester, B for second) so that each exam earns 0.5 credit.  A student can only attempt to earn credit for a course by CBE twice.

Chaparral Star Academy accepts CBE credit from two institutions: The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech University ISD.

Expenses and the arrangements for the process for any Credit-by-Exam are the responsibility of the student/parent.  Credit is granted by Chaparral Star Academy upon receipt of official final grade.

Exams are administered on campus, unless the student requests to take the exam on campus (e.g. UT-Austin). Once the exam has been ordered, students should contact Mr. B to schedule an available 3-hour block for administration.  CBE’s do have an expiration date, so please be aware of this when ordering (typically 60 days from date of order).

Please note that currently, a student CANNOT RECEIVE credit (for acceleration) via CBE in any EOC-assessed course (Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II or US History) via Texas Tech.  CBE’s for these courses are for credit recovery only!  However, UT offers CBE for acceleration for these courses!