Credit-By-Exam (CBE)

A possible method of earning credit toward high school graduation is for a student to take a comprehensive exam that covers the information for a particular course.

If a student scores 80% or above (for acceleration) or 70% or above (for recovery) on the credit-by-exam (CBE), credit toward high school graduation is awarded.  Typically, there is one exam per semester (A for first semester, B for second) so that each exam earns 0.5 credit.  A student can only attempt to earn credit for a course by CBE twice.

Chaparral Star Academy accepts CBE credit from two institutions: The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech University ISD.

Expenses and the arrangements for the process for any Credit-by-Exam are the responsibility of the student/parent.  Credit is granted by Chaparral Star Academy upon receipt of official final grade.

Exams are administered on campus, unless the student requests to take the exam on campus (e.g. UT-Austin). Once the exam has been ordered, students should contact Mr. B to schedule an available 3-hour block for administration.  CBE’s do have an expiration date, so please be aware of this when ordering (typically 60 days from date of order).

Please note that currently, a student CANNOT RECEIVE credit (for acceleration) via CBE in any EOC-assessed course (Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II or US History) via UT or Texas Tech.  CBE’s for these courses are for credit recovery only!