TxVSN Courses

Students can opt to enroll in a course provided through the TxVSN (Texas Virtual School Network) course catalog during the school year with the following stipulations:

  • The student will work on the course off-campus*
  • The same course or a substantially similar course is not currently available at CSA**
  • The student taking the course must be a full-time student at CSA (taking at least 6 courses/receiving instruction for at least 4 hours daily)
  • The student must be younger than 21 years old
  • The course taken must be consistent with the student’s high school graduation plan or requirements for college admission or requirements for earning an industry certification

*It is possible the student could work on his/her TxVSN course at school during a designated 40-minute period after the annual master schedule has been finalized.

**During the summer, students can take any courses listed in the TxVSN catalog.  Cost for summer courses is to be covered by parent(s)/student(s)/legal guardian(s).

Registration for a course through TxVSN must take place during the enrollment period determined by TxVSN. A parent/legal guardian may appeal to the commissioner of education a school district’s or charter school’s decision to deny a request to enroll a student in an electronic course offered through TxVSN.  If a student wishes to take a course through TxVSN, please complete the TxVSN Course Registration Request Form.  Students and/or parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must complete the online form at least 15 business days before the close of the enrollment period for the respective course.  Registration for Fall courses during the summer must take place after Round-Up, when the master schedule has been finalized (to determine eligibility).  To complete the form, students will  will need to look at the course catalog found at TxVSN’s website to determine which course provider is desired.

Cost for courses (assuming above criteria is met) is covered by CSA if student is enrolled in 7 courses or less.